Stop Forgetting, Employ The Machines! 🤖

It’s not your fault when you forget to turn up to board game night.

It’s not your fault when you absentmindedly go 4 weeks without washing your bedding.

It’s not your fault when you promise to get some more dog flea treatment, don’t, and 1 month later are living with an entire mob of fleas, led by the big one you call Klaus.

Well…it is your fault. But not for forgetting. Remembering the minutia of life is not what humans were built for. This is why we made machines 🤖. So let’s put them to work, even for the little things.

Tiny amounts of negativity everyday can build up to have a noticeable effect on your daily happiness 😢. So it may seem insignificant and overkill, but automating these things can be super 👍.

So I create digital reminders and checklists for literally anything that would be annoying to forget or that I want to be doing in life, like:

For these reminders to be effective you need to have a system where you can:

I use Trello for this. You can check out this video on how I set it up.

With this in place you’ll no longer forget to do anything.

Well now you know, and if you’re still fucking up your life admin, I guess it is your fault.