Don’t Take Life Too Seriously 🤪

I don’t want global warming to fuck up the planet 🌍.

I don’t want anybody to live in poverty 😢.

I even don’t want to live in a world without sparkly mens leggings containing handy pockets for your valuables 🕺.

But you know what? If any of this happens, I’m still going to find ways to enjoy myself. I’ll still focus on how to have a happy life and help others as well.

A lot of people seem to take things very seriously 🤨. And if things don’t go their way, it effects them massively. Leading them into downward spirals of negative thought, drinking too much or just being Grumpy McGoo all the time.

It’s entirely possible to make well-reasoned decisions whilst having fun, being silly and just enjoying life 🥳. When so much in life is unknown (afterlife, meaning of life, what is reality, why am I wet?) or out of your control, why let anything bring you down?

So don’t take things too seriously. Act to shape the world as you want it but if your plans fuck up, so what. Find the joy in the new situation, it’s there if you look for it 🙃.