Unusual Opinions I have

Sometimes I think weird things 🤪. Here’s a whole bunch of the weirder or more controversial opinions I hold and a super rough percentage of how likely I think that opinion is to be true (See my post on thinking in probabilities for more on why that’s important). If I’ve written a post 📖 on the idea or theme of the opinion then I’ve turned it into a link to that post. Enjoy and remember to tell me why you disagree, I’m sure you’ll find some to disagree with 😉.

My opinions and confidence in them change all the time. This list was last accurate(ish) as of the 19th April 2020.

TODO: Go through each an have a good think about the probability first. Don’t spend too long.


University should not be free. But internet should be an essential service. But we should teach people how to learn. Larn everything online for free.