A Love Letter to Water

Let me tell you a tale as old as tails themselves. Yes actual tails 🐈, those wiggly things you’d love to have. Well the subject matter is that old, but my love… My love is as old as myself but will last until the dying breath of the universe.

My love is for water 💧. Drinking water to be precise. None of that icky salty sauce you call the sea 🌊. Or the flowing rivers full of fish piss 🐡, which I have now termed “Fish Pish”.

No no. I am in love with tap water. Give it to me cold, give it to me warm, as long as you’re giving it to me 😉 I’m a happy bean.

I have no time for fizzy drinks, juices or whatever else it is the kids are into nowadays. They taste fine. I may dip a cheeky tongue in every once in a while 😉. But they don’t satisfy that urge. That hunger deep inside that cries out “Charlie, CHARLIE! Let me hydrate your soul”.

So for me it’s from the sink, to the brim, water on tap. Keep your bottles to yourself, unfizz your fizzy water and pour me a simple glass… of glory. Or a beer.